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The main tourist attractions and what to do for tourists in Odessa

  1. Take a picture of Duke from an interesting angle
  2. To sail along the Odessa coast or, at least, on a pleasure boat. 20 | Try a local rose wine. Buy and bring a couple of bottles home as a souvenir
  3. To find a friend to party with
  4. Ride on the Ferris wheel in the park Shevchenko
  5. Go through the most famous Odessa courtyards. This material for a whole article, or rather two, which I already wrote - for convenience made a complete list of addresses and photos, and another secret list of Odessa courtyards with passwords and passwords
  6. Take the cable car from French Boulevard to Otrada Beach and admire the lush greenery of the slopes from the height
  7. Drive on the famous tram number 5. To get to Privoz, bargain and buy there the tulk of the morning catch, the juiciest mikado, watermelon and arrange a real Odessa breakfast, flounder for dinner, too, sounds good
  8. Walking along the Istanbul park of Odessa, opened in 2017, is to the right of the Potemkin Stairs
  9. Take a walk on Deribasovskaya
  10. Run along the health path from Lanzheron beach to Arcadia
  11. Dine on the terrace of the hotel restaurant Nemo with the best view of the Black Sea. After dinner, take a walk along the promenade of Lanzheron beach
  12. Count the steps on the renovated Potemkin Stairs
  13. Look at the roofs from the Mother-of-God's Bridge and make sure that the locks of local lovers have changed their registration and are nearby
  14. To get to the Odessa Opera, it is certainly best to do in the autumn
  15. Sunbathing on one of the beaches
  16. Listen to street musicians on Primorsky Boulevard. Their number is directly proportional to the number of tourists. If you are lucky, you
  17. can also meet the most famous city madmen there
  18. Break away in full in one of the nightclubs of Arcadia
  19. Swim in the Black Sea at full moon
  20. Rent a bicycle and go round it all downtown
  21. To find someone to have fun with

Thank you Odessa!



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